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BLDC Motor

Light weight

360°Rotating Magnetic

1300W Lower rated power
more protection

Negative lons


Hidden led display

When smart mode is used, it displays the name of the smart mode currently in use. When switching to DIY mode, different colors of lights represent different wind temperatures.


Rotary folding handle design

The rotary folding handle design saves more storage space. The vertical stripe design of the handle improves friction and tactility.


360°magnetic air nozzle

The magnetic design is convenient for loading and unloading, and the strong magnet ensures the adsorption force. Double-layer air nozzle protection measures to prevent high temperature damage.


Removable rear cover

Removable rear cover with built-in metal air filter. Avoid dust and hair that will enter the motor. Removable design for easy removal of dust and hair.


Double track air outlet

Double orbit to gather wind, make the wind more concentrated. At 21 meters per second, it dries your hair fast. It can be combined with far-infrared tourmaline to further improve the efficiency of hair drying.


Intelligent mode

Three smart modes to help you with one-click hair care. The smooth mode focuses on improving the supple hair. The nursing mode focuses on hair shaping. Speed mode focuses on improving dry hair efficiency.

7-G20卖点图-NTC 智能温控芯片

NTC intelligent temperature control electronic chip

50 automatic temperature checks per second to prevent heat damage.


Using experience improvements


Innovative folding



110000RPM Ultra-high speed

Driven by ADAWO110000RPM brushless motor, G20 reaches a wind speed of 21m/s, which improves the dry hair efficiency by 3-5 times. Make the G20 the most powerful high-speed hair dryer.

100,000RPM Digital Motor
21 m/s wind speed
3-5 times drying efficiency


High density negative ion generator

20000000/ cm³of negative ions can remove the static electricity in the hair and help close the hair scales. Makes hair smoother.


Magnetic suction nozzle

360°rotating magnetic suction nozzle

360°optional design to meet different angles for hair shaping.
Double-layer anti-scalding design, safer to use.


Customized service of power cord

ADAWO service team can customize different specifications of power cords and plugs according to customer needs, such as: European plug, American plug, Australian plug, Taiwan plug, Japanese plug, Korean plug, etc.

G20_LED Display

Intelligent LED Display

The smart LED display visualizes the use process and helps users adjust their dry hair needs.


Product parameter
  • Product Name: Foldable High Speed Hair Dryer
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Rated Power: 1300W
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Material: PC
  • Weight: 330g(Power cord free)
  • Size: 200x47.5x221(mm)

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